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We would be very grateful if you could support our cause by making a small non recurring £1 donation, We are currently not funded by any governing bodies so we rely heavily on the generous donations that our donors make whether that be household goods or cash donations it all helps to achieve the same goal.

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We have designed an app for donors and customers, this app makes it easier and quicker for you to make a donation of household goods to us or quickly get in touch with the shop you would like to speak to. The app is completely free and available for download now from the Google Play store.

Home of the frade card

the frade card entitles you to 25% discount on all used goods

You may be entitled to a frade card if you’re in receipt of certain benefits, the process to obtain a card is very easy, you can pop in to your local store or call us on 0333 006 3279 for more information

All about us

frade is the leading furniture re-use charity working in the Tees Valley, created specifically to support local residents to establish and maintain a comfortable level of home furnishings.

frade was founded in 1990 by members of faith communities in Stockton on Tees as a practical response to the negative outcomes resulting from the introduction of crisis loans and community care grants in 1988 under the provisions of the Social Security Act 1986 when stricter criteria and delays in processing claims were causing hardship to claimants, especially those waiting for furniture in order to move into accommodation allocated by social housing associations. They often faced a stark choice between turning down the accommodation because they had no furniture or living at the empty address in the hope of securing a grant.  The faith communities organised a collection of surplus furniture to support one family. The response was overwhelming and so frade was born.  Under the careful stewardship of the Board of Directors the charity has maintained its independence and has extended its service to the whole of the Tees Valley sub-region. Although no longer having any formal links with any faith community it seeks to maintain a Christian ethos

Pay weekly for the goods you want

Tees Credit Union providing frade customers the option to make weekly payments on goods


We are delighted to announce that residents of Stockton-on-Tees can purchase goods from our store in Stockton and now have the option to pay for their goods by way of weekly installments.

We are happy to work with outside organisations

frade works with many local authorities and charities aswell as local organisations to provide low cost high quality second hand furniture for people in need.