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29th May 2020


Mike Tomlin, Chairperson of Frade is delighted to announce that we will be opening for business in June 2020. He added that it will be “business unusual, and we will need to manage the business responsibly whilst focusing on our core mandate as a Poverty Relief Charity”. 

Michael Bertram, CEO of Frade stated that "We delighted that so many people are taking the opportunity to de-clutter their homes during lockdown and we need to ask people to hold on to those items and donate them when shops and donation banks are open again."

He added that Frade are advising customers to call their local store to ensure the shop is able to take the items, in order to help manage the expected influx.

Staged opening

Stephen Tyson, General Manager stated that "We're planning significant safety measures and putting new processes in place to receive and handle donations" and added that “our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and customers".

"From mid-June, we will reopen a small number of Frade shops to establish new safe ways of working with others to follow," said Stephen adding that we “will be introducing extra hygiene to reassure customers”.

Stock urgently required.

Frade have been operating throughout the pandemic assisting local authorities and housing associations re-house vulnerable families and desperately need certain household goods. 

Simon Chapman, Logistics Manager stated ‘we are needing wardrobes, chest of drawers and sofas’ and added that “we are happy to assist wherever possible”.  

Volunteers needed

Charity shops rely on the UK's biggest army of volunteers to keep them going with 233,000 people all over the country lending a helping hand. But, in contrast to the excess of stock expected, we are bracing for a shortage:

"We are expecting a temporary shortage of volunteers when shops re-open again," said Michelle Tierney, Volunteer Manager.

"Some may still be in isolation because of the Covid-19 crisis, while others may simply have fears of being out and about" she added "a large proportion of charity shop volunteers are 70 and over, therefore in the vulnerable category and it is inevitable that some volunteers may never return to the roles they had before lockdown," said Michelle Tierney.

Keith Shaw, Company Treasurer stated that we are keen to reopen as “lots of staff and volunteers are also desperate to get back to their shops, having missed the camaraderie and sense of purpose it provides, as well as to return to some form of normality."

Michelle added that Frade will be embarking on some recruitment activity going on over the coming months and can be contacted on 

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