Channel 4 | Prof Green Documentary – Working Class White Men


Professor Green visited FRADE recently to film a documentary for Channel 4 to be screened in the new year.  It follows a young man suffering hardship who has a voucher from the Council for some essential furniture.


Episode 1 | Professor Green explores why many working class white men feel demonised, forgotten and angry.

FRADE’s Chief Officer Christine Garcia commented;

“credit to Prof Green for his work highlighting homelessness and the wider related issue of poverty and isolation, this is something close to my heart.’”


Prof Green having laughs with volunteers after filming.


FRADE has come a long way since its foundation in 1990.  There are 3 shops in Stockton, Middlesbrough and Darlington serving the Tees Valley community. FRADE’s purpose is poverty reduction, waste reduction and increase employability. Last year FRADE helped 7,638 households, provided 50 volunteer placements (22,916 hours), employs 9 staff and redirected 217 tonnes away from landfill.

Due to high levels of demand FRADE is looking for donations of ‘preloved’ furniture or bric a brac and will collect free of charge.

The donated furniture is cleaned, repaired and offered for sale in the 3 shops. The shops are open to the public Monday to Saturday and an extra discount of 25% is offered to those on the lowest income.


Christine shared;

“we are proud of our volunteers which is summed up by a recent comment”

“I was lost, written off and felt life was not worth living.  I started to volunteer at FRADE and it has turned my life around.  My confidence has grown and I now look forward to the future”.

Christine went on;

“our latest development is the ‘Man Shed’ at our Middlesbrough store which has been a great success. It has been funded by Ageing Better Middlesbrough.  Run by a qualified carpenter, these free of charge workshops, offer a place to develop new skills, share experience with others and reduce isolation.  If you have some free time why not try it out.”


Frade Middlesbrough Shedder Tony

Man shedder Tony speaks out! Read Tony's Story
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