Frade's Men's Shed Garden project Funded

Frade's Men's Shed Garden project Funded

Posted on: 
2nd February 2022

After receiving funding and support for the Frade Men's shed and a new gardening project from our charitable investors. The benefits from this are going to be life-changing. Allowing more support to help build the Middlesbrough area up and help people who are wanting to learn new skills and improve their mental well-being. As well as create a good work ethic and help people meet new people and network with one another within the workplace. With the use of the land that is located behind our lovely Middlesbrough Frade store, we plan to get unemployed people involved by giving them something to help make their lives more fulfilled and purposeful. Also, after carrying out this project, it will help make this piece of land stunning giving everyone the chance to be proud of their achievement. As well as pick up the confidence and morale of the people that wish to partake after being out of the workplace for a while. As you can see in the image below you notice how the area has become overgrown and abandoned. The full intention of this funded project is to renovate a large, rundown, and overgrown space and turn it into a fabulous garden area that everyone involved can be proud of.

Whilst Frade’s project is mainly aimed at men, this project is open to anyone in the community such as those who need this break from unemployment or loneliness in their homes. Recruitment to this programme will focus on members of the community who live in the Middlesbrough area or are going through unemployment or hardship due to unintentionally isolating themselves. All Middlesbrough residents will be welcome to participate in this scheme making it open to the community around it. In the images you will be able to see some work that has been carried out so far including planters and the beginning of a greenhouse set up.

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