Success Stories at Frade

Success Stories at Frade

Posted on: 
1st February 2022

Lee Miller- Frade Employee

Lee Miller began working at Frade around eight years ago where he began his journey with us. He started working for Frade as a volunteer where he first started as a store assistant in the Middlesbrough branch. His role carried out answering the phones, booking collections and deliveries, and organising paperwork for the charity.

In November 2019 Lee’s passion grew from strength to strength, he then progressed onwards from a volunteer role to a member of staff. And over the last two years, Lee has progressed from a sales assistant to a store supervisor all from when he started at Frade as a volunteer worker a few years ago. Before Lee came to us he struggled with finding employment, but thanks to our Frade scheme Lee managed to acquire the skills and needs to get himself a job working with us.

Lee told us that he has gained excellent customer service, run a store unsupervised, priced goods, and manual handling. He said that would recommend more people took part in volunteering as he thinks it is great for opening your opportunities to gain full-time employment.

Laura O’Connor- Frade Employee

Laura started volunteering at Frade at the Darlington branch in January 2018 as a shop assistant and a general helping hand to the charity. Laura’s journey with us first began by answering telephone calls, processing orders, and helping with the organisation of furniture as well as dealing with other donations when they got delivered to Frade.

From this, Laura then progressed from a working volunteer to a paid shop assistant in November 2019 and the role was for six months in the Northallerton store. She then returned to the Darlington store as a volunteer. In June 2021 Laura was hired as a paid staff to work as a store supervisor. Laura has held this role for currently 6 months and said she is enjoying every minute with us.

Following on from this, Laura said she has gained a lot from working trust with Frade such as new social skills, communication skills and a huge boost in her confidence. Laura has gained the ability to work and be around people. She also believes working for Frade has had a great impact on improving her mental health by reducing her anxiety with working with people, she also went on to say that she is very grateful that she has met many great colleagues at Frade who will become her life, long term friends.

Justin Turner- Frade Employee

Justin joined Frade in 2018 and has worked with us for 3 years and 7 months as a volunteer before he gained a full-time job as a store supervisor.

Over the time that Justin spent working with Frade, he picked up many good traits such as his dedication to the company, perseverance in the workplace and hard work as well as his love for the job. Justin took part in certified programmes that helped him gain accreditation such as a PAT testing course and manual handling course to make himself a more valuable asset to the company.

Justin has also gained experiences that he will have for life such as improved team leadership skills and better confidence within the workplace. As well as Lee and Laura, Justin also recommended that the volunteer program was worthy of doing for those seeking employment as it has given him lifelong experiences.

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