The Reuse Networks 2020 social impact report

The Reuse Networks 2020 social impact report

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17th June 2021

The Reuse Network is delighted to share its 2020 social impact report (April 2019 / March 2020) showing the huge impact the reuse sector has on the life of people needing affordable furniture and electrical appliances.

In 2020, the reuse sector as a whole reused 3.4 million furniture and electrical items. This in turn helps 1.5 million households in the UK, saving them £427.6 million compared to buying items new. Now more than ever, the reuse sector is stepping in to help those who need them the most.

Recent research by the campaigning group, End Furniture Poverty found that one in four people can no longer access crisis furniture support from their local authority due to budget cuts in England. The campaigning group also defined the following are essential items:

  • Bed, bedding and mattress
  • Washing Machine
  • Table and Chairs
  • Oven/cooker
  • Fridge and/or Freezer
  • Sofa/easy chairs
  • Wardrobe/Chest of drawers
  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • TV
  • PC/Laptop

Our members are located throughout Scotland, Wales, England and the Channel Islands. They support people in their local communities through a whole host of activities. In addition to reusing household furniture and electrical items, many of our members run food banks, community cafés, and other complementary activities, as well as providing volunteering and employment opportunities.

The Reuse Network works to ensure that no-one is without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook on, or a sofa to sit on, wherever they live in the UK.

All credits for this article belong to the Reuse Network, the Reuse Network are driving the message of reuse across the UK, creating a sustainable, supportive network that strives to help the poorest in our society build a brighter and better future for themselves.

To find out more about the Reuse Network please visit their website

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