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We're in the news! - 1st issue of the Camerados chronicle.

25th July 2019

We would like to wish a huge warm thanks to our friends at Camerados for showcasing our beloved Men’s Shed on page 8 of the first issue of The Camerados Chronicle.

"Camerados by name and by nature, camerados is a growing movement of people from Baltimore to Blackpool who get through tough times by looking out for each other."

Man Shed might be the name but it’s not the aim of the game!

The Men’s Shed has only been open for a short period of time but so far has had 49 shedders walk through its doors and 14 shedders still active throughout the week.

Middlesborough Men’s Shed is open to all, male or female who may be experiencing loneliness or isolation.

Our community allows people to socialise with like-minded people and help their community at the same time.

Camerados spoke with Man Shed shedder Bob on the importance of the work they do and how it benefits the community.

Bob has been with Frade’s Man Shed since the beginning and is now an important member of the team and motivational speaker for the shed.

Every shedder so far has had their life enriched through a renewed sense of self confidence and purpose alongside this the Man Shed provides vital support to neighbouring organisations such as Zoe’s Place and Wildlife Trust.

Speaking with Men’s Shed shedder Dave they heard about his journey from joiner working in a team to a sense of loneliness and falling asleep to daytime TV, due to retirement!

Dave explained he was worried he was forgetting his skills and they were going to waste.

This of course was until he learned of Frade’s Man Shed, based out of our Marton Road Branch based in Middlesbrough.

He is now a key team member for the Man Shed he’s come to love.

New CEO Mr. Michael Bertram stated :

"I'm hugely impressed with the changes made to the store to accommodate the Man Shed but the vast game changer is in improving lives!"

If you have been motivated or just want to learn more contact Middlesborough Mans Shed on 01642 245927.

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