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Finalists in 2018 for the National Awards of Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management

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Furnish your home with us.

People come to our stores for many reasons. For some it is the lure of a bargain or the hope of finding a classic piece of furniture.

For some it is the opportunity to obtain furniture to ‘shabby chic’ or items from a particular era that suites their taste. 

For many it is because they have nowhere else they can turn to and the traditional high street shops are not an option. 

Moving into a new home for the first time is expensive enough without the added burden of having to furnish all from scratch. 

If you receive Universal Credit/PIP then you are eligible for an extra 25% discount off our already low prices!

What you'll find in our stores.

We typically sell all types of household furniture, garden furniture and bric-a-brac, on occasion we may sell some speciality items or even office furniture.

The best thing to do is to keep checking at your local store, our stock changes all the time and you really don't know what bargains you may find.


    Pop in to any of our stores and find yourself surrounded by a vast selection of tables and chairs. From breakfast bar with stools to traditional style table and 6 chairs, prices ranging from £20 to £105.


    We have a lovely range of display cabinets, corner cabinets and sideboards in stock with prices ranging from £10 to £100.


    We sell all types of coffee tables, side tables and plant stands. Prices ranging from £5 to £60.


    Bedroom furniture proves to be some of our most popular items we sell. Shop with us and purchase everything you need for your perfect bedroom. Wardrobes, beds, drawers and bedside cabinets. Prices ranging from £5 to £200.


    Another of our most popular items are armchairs, recliners and tub chairs. Prices typically ranging from £10 to £65.


    Some of our stores sell a variety of clothing, bedding and curtains. Prices range from as low as £1 to £15.


    All of our stores have a wide variety of sofas, from traditional to modern styles. With prices ranging from £30 to £200, there is a suite for you!


    As well as selling tables and chairs we also sell dining chairs on their own! Prices typically ranging from £5 to £12.

All prices are examples of previous typical sales, ultimately prices are based on the quality of the items for sale and will vary from time to time. 

For up to date prices on items please pop in store or why not give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.

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Frade delivery service available

Delivery charge

All or our stores offer a charged delivery service, local minimum charge is £10 and will increase based on mileage, however this is per van load and not per item.

If you would prefer to collect your items that's not a problem, once you've paid for your items we can store them for 7 days to allow you to arrange transport, if this is something you would like to take advantage of then just let the sales assistant know upon checkout.

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